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Jane Blue came naturally from a desire to reinterpret Jane Birkin's wardrobe as it could be today, taking inspiration here and there from men's pieces, vintage clothing, old photos, from that ever-present look, from that time full of carelessness and spontaneity, when things went slower but seemed so much more real.

A will above all to rework, cut, rework this denim fabric that makes them dream so much to offer the ideal jeans, the one that we never leave, that accompanies us every day like a second skin.

But it was not possible for them to offer you this new line without taking into account what it implies, it was obvious that it could only exist by being eco-responsible, a collection that inscribes its DNA in an ethical approach, with this desire to make beautiful & good, but also better but less.

Recycled materials, organic cotton, banned plastic packaging, it was essential for them to use these products with love & respect for the environment. Even if they do not present today a line that is 100% in line with this approach, it remains a goal with a real desire to achieve it.

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